On Poetry and Culture Shock


One Deep Breath prompt of the week: Dirt.  Haiku about getting clean, or getting muddy. In this part of the world,  getting dirty means getting sweaty, and that made me think of the beach.

So very sweaty
Lying on the sticky sand
Wrapped in sun.


One Deep Breath sugiere que escribamos haiku sobre el barro, la tierra, la suciedad. Eso me hizo pensar en sudor, y por extensión en la playa. Un haiku playero:

Tan sudorosa
Tumbada en la arena
envuelta en sol.

6 comentarios

1blkquill -

I felt like I was at the beach, all hot, salty, and full of sand.

Sandy -

Another form of dirt. Great. Right now, I would love to be wrapped in sun!!!

La Guiri -

Thanks a lot, everyone! You need to lie for a few hours in the sun of Southern Spain to understand how you can be wrapped in sun, I think ;)

Crafty Green Poet -

This is a wonderful sunbathing haiku! Especially the last line!

Brian -

I love the line wrapped in sun. Perfect.