On Poetry and Culture Shock

a new one

Yesterday I did that poet thing that looks so terribly pretentious: At the meet of my town’s bloggers, as we were spreading over the sofas of a bar, I asked for a pen because I just needed to write down a poem. Yes, very exhibitionist of me... the poem involved a lot of tweaking and polishing, it wasn’t just a spark of sudden inspiration. Here it is.

Stiffness on my back.
Your warm hand hugs me
Three seconds longer than I expected.

Mi espalda, tensa.
Tu abrazo ha durado
tres segundos de más.

2 comentarios

Stalker -

You asked for more than a pen... for one of my cards. It\'s great to know that it was useful. :)

Keep up the good art!

RaveN -

Está claro que en inglés eres mucho más expresiva ^_^