On Poetry and Culture Shock

Three years later.

I rescued a feeling from three years ago to compose this one. Writing haiku in Spanish is becoming easier and easier; I cannot judge if they are better than the ones in English, if the rhythm is bad, if the syllabic count is less correct. I used to think that haiku in Spanish would be bad, flat poetry because the language and the form are simply incompatible. Maybe when I said that I wanted my poems to follow too many rules.

Sigo buscando.
Al fondo de tus ojos,
sólo hay tristeza.

I keep on searching
deep into your eyes,
there’s only sadness.


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angel -

Al salir de tu blog en el que te dejé una invitación, me percaté que tenías un enlace con éste, que es de poesía. Y de entrada me encuentro con estas 17 sílabas bien cortadas en el jardín de la melancolía. Muy buen haiku, felicitaciones....