On Poetry and Culture Shock


One my my favourite Neil Gaiman characters is Delirium. Something like the eternal core and ideal representation of Madness in the shape of a young girl in rags with a passing resemblance to Tori Amos. She used to be Delight, until she realised that things can (and do) change. When you are happy, you don’t want the world to change, right? The shock made the poor little thing go crazy and that is why she became Delirium. And she asks these questions to her older brother, Dream:

What’s the nAME OF the WORD for the precise MOment when you realize that you’VE ACTUALLY forgotten HOW it felt to make LOVE to somebODY you really Liked a long TIME AGO?

Is THERE a word FOR forgettinG the name OF Someone when YOu want to introduce them TO Someone else At the same TIME you realize YOU’ve forgoTTEN The name of tHE PERSON you’RE INTRODucing them to as well?

What’s THE NAME of The word for thinGS NOT Being the same always. You know. I’m sure theRE IS one. Isn’t there? there MUST BE a WORD for it… the thiNG that LETS YOU Know time is happening. IS there a WORD?

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