On Poetry and Culture Shock

I google love.

No, it's not "I love Google". It's I google love. Let's sing the praises of Google, and its glorious incorporation into postmodern love.

Tien Tran from Cornell's MFA program in Creative Writing wrote this tiny beauty last autumn:

So I googled you.
I'm not obsessed I swear.

And a bit more than a year ago, I wrote:

Feeling fresh and new.
She thought she'd never need him.
Now she googles his name.

Un sentimiento nuevo.
Ella pensó que nunca lo necesitaría.
Y ahora busca en Google el nombre de él

No, it's not autobiographical. I've no idea if Tien's poem is or not, and I don't care. The point is not whether Tien or I are stalkers, but the fact that we could be if we wanted to, and also, that two poets with drastically different cultural backgrounds wrote such similar poems.

Google is here to change the way we deal with the end of any relationship. No ex-lover will ever be really, truly, definitely over and gone, because you know that if you wanted, you could just google for him (or her). And they never have to know about it, which is the best part.

Confess. You are dying to google someone's name right now. Go ahead.

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