On Poetry and Culture Shock

A company from where?

This is just out of a cartoon, seriously. I bought a blender, and the box had a small sticker that said AN AMERICAN COMPANY. There is of course a little American flag on the sticker, too. I look in disbelief, turn the box upside down, and see something a lot more familiar, next to a New Jersey address:
Made and printed in China.

Heh heh. Is the average US shopper supposed to feel better by knowing that their grocery shopping is making someone from New Jersey a millionaire, while the actual work is done in the other side of the world?

On seconds thoughts, the blender's brand has a French-sounding name, and the fact that it is a sticker and not actually part of the box’s design makes me think that the company needed to clarify that they were not French at the time that France decided not to take part in the invasion of Irak, and some people threatened to boycott French products. Still, ridiculous.

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ChicaXL -

¿no habias comentado esto mismo con anterioridad? a medida que lo leia he tenido sensacion de "déjà vu"...