On Poetry and Culture Shock

Don't mention it

Poetry Thursday asks to talk about something beautiful without mentioning it. Haikus are mostly about talking about a feeling without mentioning it, just describing the thing or situation that causes the feeling, so the haiku form is perfect for what Poetry Thursday intended. I hope my attempt is successful, it's easy enough to know what/who I'm talking about.

Under the blanket
There's nothing you can see
There's only feeling.


Poetry Thursday nos pide esta semana que hablemos de algo hermoso sin nombrarlo. El haike describe un sentimiento sin nombrarlo, mencionando sólo la situación que lo provoca, así que es, en teoría, la estrofa perfecta para el reto de la semana. Espero que os guste. Lo que no nombro queda bastante claro, ¿no?

Bajo la manta
No se puede ver nada
Sólo sentir.

4 comentarios

Robin -

I'd totally forgotten about haiku. I like this!

natalie -

Like this piece a lot. It was interesting also to know that haikus are often used to express the feeling which causes an action or is behind it rather than the action itself.

Crafty Green Poet -

This is lovely and works very well for the prompt.

Brian -

Yes indeed, a haiku that describes action without words.