On Poetry and Culture Shock

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I have installed a visit counter that tells me what was the last website you visited before coming here. The results are fun to see, initially. I'm glad to see the popularity of e. e. cummings.

1. How to understand Adelina de paseo. (asked in English, but in Google Spain)

2. Origins of mañana unpunctuality.

3. What is commedy of manners. .

4. e. e. cummings (search asking for results in Spanish).

5. e e cummings carry you (from Mexico).

6. e. e. cummings (from Guatemala).

7. Gay poet tip (from the UK)

8. Traducción ai shiteru (from the Dominican Republic; ai shiteru means I love you in Japanese)

9. Ai shiteru (from Spain, demands results in Spanish)

10. Dum tak (Google Spain, requires results to be in Spanish)

11. Benedetti poem nose (from the UK)

12. Conceptos de cuentos para que lean niños de siete años (meaning, in Spanish: concepts from tales for seven-year-old children to read)

13 Fruta griega igo ("Greek fruit fig")

14. Eavesdropping (from Colombia, demands results in Spanish, which is weird).

15 Haikus acerca de New York ("haikus about NYC")

16 Lírica medieval universal ("medieval lyrical poetry", from Bolivia)

17. Haikus eroticos (from Catalonia).

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