On Poetry and Culture Shock

Free sex!

One of my favourite bloggers (the link is in Spanish) is being naughty; he mentions anal sex in a blog entry just to say that he isn't going to be around much in the next few days. A bit of search engine magic later, he will have masses of people visiting his blog. Not that he needs them, but anyway. I discovered the power of porn words when I did a merciless review of Inga Muscio's Cunt and my readers tripled in a few days.

Well, now that I have lured you here with promises of free sex, porn and dirty words I'll give you something to read. This is one of my earliest poems; I had it printed on a red tank top and whenI'm at home, in Spain, no one realy notices what it says even though it is bilingual. A few weeks ago, when I was still living in the States, I wore it often and it made my male friends giggle.

I chew the brightness of pain with pleasure.
My body is full of you now.

Mastico la luminosidad del dolor con placer.
Ahora mi cuerpo está lleno de ti.

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