On Poetry and Culture Shock

Making friends

Like frozen flowers (paralysed beauty),
the friendship of ex-lovers.

Como flores congeladas (belleza paralizada)
la amistad de antiguos amantes.

I don’t know if I like this one, because it is too “me”. Succinct, ambiguous, sentimental but impersonal. It refuses to say if the friendship of ex-lovers is a good or a bad thing, and it is so detached there is not even an “I”. Still, better a poem like an icicle than line after line of exhibitionism, ewwwww.

2 comentarios

Nia -

Yes, there is exhibitionism. Look at me! but what I dislike is poetry that makes an open display of intimate feelings. Bécquer, for example, I despise Bécquer with my heart and soul. Clear now?

Maria del Mar -

Come on... what´s literature but most-of-the-time-unconfessed exhibitionism? You´ve got a whole blog where you write your personal commentaries, opinions and poetry, unless you are cheating us all, you are disclosing part of your inner self.And seemingly you need your stuff to be read. Might I call that confessional "exhibitionism"? exhibitionism is only human.