On Poetry and Culture Shock

Translation and adaptation 7

The world spins around hot metal,
Not around the ice crystals inside me.

El mundo gira alrededor de metal al rojo,
Y no alrededor de los cristales de hielo dentro de mí.

El mundo gira.
El centro hierve.
Y yo soy fría.

I wanted to write a poem that said something like “the world doesn’t spin around me”. I fought with it for days. There was a song by the Spanish pop band Amaral that you could not avoid then, because it was on TV and on every radio station, and I was doing a class project with Amaral’s biggest fan. Amaral sucks, and I couldn’t escape the raspy voice of the singer whimpering She Was Nothing Without Me. But she sang that her world was small and there were little ice crystals in her heart. I tweaked a bit her words here and there, and they fitted. Voila. No one has spotted the allusion yet, which surprises me.

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