On Poetry and Culture Shock

The long tail

I have heard Zifra and others talk about "the long tail", meaning "the thousands of blogs very few people read", and of ways to allow very small bloggers find more readers. I'm one of those very small bloggers, on a double basis: there's the oriental dance blog, and there's this one, although the dance one is about three times bigger than this one (in links and in traffic). It's only natural: the only blog about belly dance in the Spanish-speaking world should have more readers than yet another "artistic musings" one, in English. Even so, I still think the subtitle in this blog is still valid. The blogosphere, la blogocosa, does need haikus as much as it needs rants on Bill Gates. This would be a sad and grey place if everyone spoke about the same things. We need as many highly specialised blogs as we can find. And if they're arty, so much the better. 

From now on I'm going to try to link to other blogs more often. Preferably small and arty. Under the "other people's poetry" category, of course, which I have always taken to mean "other people's art". After all, poetry comes from a work that means "to make". 

Yesterday I discovered an artist who, as far as I know, doesn't have a blog, but she should. Lyr uses Flickr as a gallery for her gorgeous photos. Start from the self-portrait gallery, and if you leave a comment, say hello from Nia. 

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