On Poetry and Culture Shock

A new bookshop

It feels me with joy that the Alameda, home of the trendy and refuge of alternative types (you know, the sort who is "artistic" in a general, hazy way but is too busy going to the right bars to ever actually make something creative), the Alameda avenue, as I say, now has a bookshop among the bars.

It has been open for a year, it has the quirky name "Punto y Coma" (that's how we say it in Spanish; dot-and-comma is a much nicer name than semicolon), and it doubles up as newsagent. It is not surprising that about a third of the book section is on communism. Best of luck to the brave owner.

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Nia -

I don\'t have anything against alternative types; I have a problem with dull people who feel special because they go to the \"right\" clubs. I know I can sound very sour when I talk about the local scene; it\'s just because it\'s so crowded with posers that you can\'t see the gems hidden among them.

Crafty Green Poet -

Perhaps you\'re being a little harsh on us alternative types, Nia. Admittedly:
a) there are a lot of alternative types who pose around and don\'t do much creative,
b) if I spent less time in the goth clubs and other alternative night spots of Edinburgh, I\'d be a best selling novelist, instead of an obscure poet,
but most of the truly creative people i know are also alternative types!