On Poetry and Culture Shock

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This one, a French one, is my favourite caricature of the ones that have caused trouble in Denmark lately (the original ones weren’t that good). It’s not from the original ones, but a French reaction to the protests against the Danish initiative.

You’ll hear two things: one, the protests are taking place because the caricatures are seen as an insult; two, the reason of the protest is that Muslims feel offended that non-Muslims are not obeying the Muslim law of not representing Mahomet. Both are lies. The cartoons were originally published in October and the reason why they are an issue now is because the were published as a challenge. A writer couldn’t find an illustrator for his book and a newspaper wondered out loud, "is it because illustrators are scared? we dare them to submit their cartoons of Mahomet". Some Muslims were offended by the open bravery.

The French cartoon is entirely made up of the sentence "I should not make make a Mohamet cartoon"

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La Guiri -

Jose Angel, los trolls no captan nada, sólo buscan cosas que insultar. Qué triste.

JoseAngel -

Este ente, que no os ama, no ha captado el chiste ese del retrato que surge del texto.

osama -

te ponia un burka y te quitaba todas las tonterias.escribe sobre la politica exterior de tus amiguitos los yanquis