On Poetry and Culture Shock

And that's a beginning

Uruguayan poet Mario Benedetti occasionally includes aphorisms among the poems in his books. Since he coms from a country that suffered a coup d’état and subsequent miliary dictatorship, quite a few of his works are on torture. I remember reading this as a teenager:

Un torturador no se redime suicidándose. Pero algo es algo.

A torturer cannot redeem himself through suicide. But it’s a beginning.

I remember that little epigram, if you can call it such, every time the news say that another bastard has killed himself, or tried to, after killing a woman that used to love him. 28 dead women in Spain so far in 2006. That’s an average of one every four days and twelve hours. Half the aggressors attempted suicide. Four have succeeded, one of them last night. I’m sorry I can’t direct you to a link. Blind rage is a lot faster than Google.

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