On Poetry and Culture Shock

The UK is such a civilised country

After five years or so of travelling like my life depended on it, and reading like the future of humankind depended on it,I am convinced that a society is more advanced and more civilised the better it treats its women. Give me maternity leaves, free kindergarten (that’s day care if you’re reading this in the States), legal contraception, full civil rights, maybe even a woman president, and I will start to trust that your country has left the Dark Ages.

The recent news say that the UK is a less advanced country that I though it was. Courtesy of I Blame the Patriarchy , heartbreaking news. A third of Britons believe a flirty woman is at least partly responsible for being raped.

The article does not mention these other opinions:

  • 34% of Britons do not think that a man who behaves in a flirtatious way deserves being battered by a woman who feels offended or threatened.
  • 26% of Britons do not think that a child is partially or totally responsible for being molested if he or she is wearing especially cute clothes that trigger the fantasies of pederasts.
  • 22% of Britons do not think that promiscuous straight men would be partially or totally responsible of being raped by a gay man.
  • 8% of Britons do not think that men are totally responsible in the case above.
  • 30% of Britons do not think that a drunk straight man is partially responsible if he is raped (I’m assuming a male rapist again)
  • 37% of Britons do not think that a man is partially responsible of being assaulted if he fails to clearly say "no" to his assaulter.

Edited to add: I wonder how the people who do not express these opinions would feel if they were told that there were gangs telling white middle-class British boys that they could find excellent jobs in an exotic country, to which they were taken and forced to be sexual slaves.



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