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Spanish Statistics of the day

Well, I already knew (sorry, no sources that I remember) that Spain is the first country in the world for organ donations. We are a bunch of lovely generous people, we are. Today I have found out another surprising statistic: Spain is the second country in the world in international adoptions and foreign kids make up 80% of all our adoptions.

The first country in the world in the United States, which is a lot more multicultural than we are. An Asian-American family may adopt an Asian baby from Asia and go more or less unnoticed. International adoption in Spain means a couple of white people getting a darker baby. In my town, couples talking dark babies out for a walk are always received with coos and awwww and general praise. We think nothing can be cuter than that.

I wish people were equally open and friendly with the darker adults that ome to our country, but well, we'll get there eventually.

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