On Poetry and Culture Shock

Del Doughty (another modern haiku writer, yay)

I met Del Doughty, a professor at Huntington College (Indiana, US), at a James Joyce conference. Being shamelessly nosy, I googled him later on and found out he wrote haikus. I emailed him about my love of very small poems. Today I'm very excited because Doughty's book Flow came in the mail. It's small and gorgeous.

I can't controlmy excitement until I read the whole pretty little thing and pick favourites, but I like these two: a teder one and one with humour.

my wife shows me
a small bloom
on the hyacinth
by the light of the snow

mi mujer me enseña
una florecita
en el jacinto
a la luz de la nieve

Leaves at their peak;
everyone I meet says "Hey,
you got a haircut!"

Hojas en su momento álgido;
todo el mundo me dice: "¡ey,
te has cortado el pelo!"

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