On Poetry and Culture Shock


Yesterday, after a couple of hours of wrestling through Spanish small-town traffic, I went to the beach. What I like best about the beach is people-watching. The one I went to is just outside the city of Cádiz, so there are more people from town on a day off than tourists, and everyone behaves as if they were in their living-room. Plenty of mobile phone conversations, the juicy gossip that you'd normally whisper amplified for the benefit of the neighbours. And everyone happily walking about in their underwear.

A month ago I went with some friends to Lake Owasco, and I was the only one out of four women with a bikini. Of course! I don't even own any one-piece swimsuits. One of my friends said, "In Europe the fashion police arrests people who wear one-pieces". A little bit exaggerated, but nearly true. Yesterday, all women except the very obese or pathologically shy were happily showing off tanned bellies.

The most surprising thing was not the absence of one-pieces in this family-oriented beach. What I would like to know is, why all the little girls, babies even, wear bikinis while so many women go topless?
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