On Poetry and Culture Shock

Weather with you

Four seasons in one day, said the song. Americans that like Ithaca and don’t like warm countries always make the same remark: “Ithaca has seasons”. I knew a Californian who loves this place and she said “I have always wanted to live in a place that had seasons”. Yeah, right. In the immortal words of Sandra Bem, Ithaca has two seasons: winter and July. That Californian would say that Seville has two seasons, summer and January.

In southern Spain, the spring is warm and lovely, like summers here. Summer has a different heat; it's so hot that going out would make you ill. In the autumn it rains. In winter, it doesn’t, and it is normally as cold as Ithaca in November (minus the snow). From my perspective, Ithaca’s autumn lasted a month, and then came a winter that threatens to last for exactly half a year. Autumn is like winter without snow. Summer will be, I imagine, spring with less rain.

Whether we don’t have seasons here, Southern Spain doesn’t have seasons, or we all do, is just a matter of perspective. This is just a long way to say that I’m tired of snow and I need sunshine. Badly.

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