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My favorite Gapingvoid cartoon

My favorite Gapingvoid cartoon

So, this is my favorite Gapingvoid cartoon, more or less. I always have a hard time picking favorites, and Hugh's work is no expection. I have three or four other favorites; they’re either very old, or from the 2010 Love Series. I’ve picked this one because I have it on a T-shirt and because it was part of the conversation in my first date with my partner.

We talked about life, thinking you’ve reached the bottom just to find out someone’s handing you a spade, and this cartoon. And later on he said something like "... he couldn’t take such bliss any more, he said, mistakenly".



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JoseAngel -

JJJeeee!! mu fino! Te lo robo para uso futuro, me huelo que no faltarán ocasiones.