On Poetry and Culture Shock

We're one year old today

This blog started the day after Thanksgiving, 2004. Thanksgiving is the last Thursday in November, so I'd rather measure the year according to that date, not to a calendar date. Easier to remember.

 I wonder if other cultures, apart from the United States, have a day that consists on thanking the forces of the Universe for the good things of the last year. I know there is nothing of the sort in Europe, which is a shame. I enjoyed my one American thanksgiving very much, and any excuse is good for having a huge family meal. But then again, I'm conveniently skipping the fact that Thanksgiving is a holiday that sits on the Native American genocide. Native Americans don't have a lot to be thankful for.

Anyway. Thanks very much for coming here. Now let's go back to the poetry.

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Knotted Knickers -

Canada has a Thanksgiving, similar to the one celebrated in the U.S., but in mid-October. And many ancient (and modern) societies mark the end of the harvest season with a similar celebration - that\'s really the origin of Thanksgiving.