On Poetry and Culture Shock

Happy Blogday

Someone (I don't know who, and excuse the laziness) has deided that August 31st is Blog Day; If you type 3108 it looks vaguely like BlOg, I guess that's why. The initiative includes doing a blog entry on five new, small blogs, preferably out of our usual range of interests. I've done a quick search for blogs to which all the above applied; it's hard, because I wanted them to be good, interesting blogs, and there are far too many "private journal/rant" badly written blogs out there.

These are my picks.

Poetry on Demand is a very new site. I don't know if it will become a blog with regular entries or if the owner just thought that filling in blanks in was easier than building a traditional website. The blogger writes good poetry (rhymes and everything) and she has very reasonable prices for poetry for special occasions.

Clip Tip reviews music videoclips, and links you to sites where you can watch or download them.

I will go on with links in Spanish:

El País de Lancre está dedicado a la narrativa de su autora. No es nuevo (lleva escribiendo año y medio) y como no tiene contador no sé si tiene poco tráfico. No me gusta que escriba en beige-sobre-negro, pero los enlaces son puramente prácticos (no son los treinta blogs de sus amigas), y me gusta cómo escribe.

Laberinto Posmoderno parece uno de esos blogs que aunque sean "personales" y no "temáticos", están dedicados a que el autor proteste, un poco como el de Carboanión (aunque carboanion habla de muchas cosas). Está bien redactado, que para lo que hay ya es mucho, y no tiene demasiados colorines.

No puedo resistir la tentación de recordar que tengo un bebé blog, Sólo Cuando Bailo, que es, que yo sepa, el único blog en español sobre danza del vientre (o danza oriental), y la única web de cualquier clase en español informativa y no comercial sobre el tema.

So: poetry, music, fiction, rants, dance. I hope you enjoy the selection!

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JoseAngel -

You just told me about blog day (re Book day). And, the thing was, perhaps nobody pays attention to Blog Day because blogs are free. Now the stupidest things usually work best on the web (such as hiring space on your webpage for ads at an increasing rate). Perhaps if someone would develop some software so that people would have to pay in order to read, post or to send comments... success would be instant, and we could offer a ten per cent rebate on blog day!