On Poetry and Culture Shock

An enlightened young soul

This is not exactly a case of comedy of manners, but I can’t resist the temptation to tell it.

There are fashion trends in the area that I live, that identify kids that are dangerous or want to appear to be so. Some time ago, “cani” (pronounce just like canny) just meant “a particular way of being tacky”; right now, a small group of people dressing as “canis” might beat up a stranger or set fire to a car for a laugh.

The other day, my cousin-and-friend Irene was waiting for the bus and she was approached by a little juvenile nightmare who couldn’t be more than ten. It doesn’t matter, knives don’t ask how old the owner is. Picture her trying to look the other way, and the little one asks her, “where are you going?”

“I’m going to work”

“Oh. I´m going to the swimming-pool”.

End of the small talk. A couple days later, they meet again, and the boy seems very happy to see her.



“Are you going to work again


Big smile. “I see. Look, I don’t think I want to grow up, grown-ups are always going to work, they never take the bus to the swimming-pool”.

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