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the hughpage and the eternal conflict on jewel prices

Hugh has had a sudden attack of niceguyness and he has created a wiki for bloggers to advertise whatever they please. Isn´t he great? He sees it as a way of letting the little bloggers (example: me) be known without the need of being linked by the bigger bloggers. I don´t see it like that; if people connect through Hugh's wiki they still need him. Anyway.

I cannot let the opportunity go to remind the world that I make really cute, original, good quality, colourful jewelry, using primarily coloured glass, Murano glass, and semiprecious stones. And now that I have moved back to Spain, I face again the conflict about the prices. It´s simple: the sort of stuff I do, exact same quality, can easily cost three times as much, if you are stupid enough to look in the wrong shop. But in my town there is a tradition of independent, occasional designers who maybe go to a crafts market once a year and spend the rest of the time selling just to friends, and the competition keeps the prices low. In the year that I have lived in Ithaca, NY, I took a look at the local shops and I saw that the only sensible thing to do was to double my prices. Now that I am back at home, I have to cut them in half again. My American prices are too high for my town.

I still have the online shop. So, what do I do? Do I keep an online price and a lower real-world price? What if an online price that's too low discourages prospective buyers? Even so, I think that having two prices isn't fair. So, it´s going to be a single price for everyone, reasonable low for my area and wonderfully cheap for everyone else.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the pricing, you can go to the jewelry website and choose a pair of earrings, or two, or three.

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Liz -

Excellent! I was wondering if you'd continue selling the jewelry online from Spain.

Good to know.