On Poetry and Culture Shock

Back from Washington D.C.

Hello again! I'm back! And I have a lot to comment on in the culture-shock department. Since I have been defending lately that a blog is not a journal, and that this is definitely not a journal, instead of writing a chronicle of my trip to Washington D. C. I will write the usual very short pieces on individual, surprising things I have seen. This is just for starters...

If you have been in Ithaca for too long, when you travel...

- you are surprised and annoyed when restaurants have hardly any vegetarian options and no vegan ones.
- You keep looking in vain for recycling bins.
- Parents with small children don't smile back at you and touch their kids nervously.
- You suddenly find yourself the lightest-skinned person around. Then you realise that blacks and occasional Latinos make up 90% of security staff, police, receptionists, and similar jobs that involve zero power and little decision-making, but which are very visible from the outside (I did not see one black person in a suit). The Black Receptionist Syndrome does not happen at Cornell, since the admin staff is white, although to tell the truth there aren't many black students.

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