On Poetry and Culture Shock

Come on, let's cut us all into pieces

OK, this is not culture shock as in "Americans are weird" but as in "Some people don't have any feelings at all". I don't think it has anything to do with nationality.

Preventive removal of both breasts reduces chance of breast cancer in women at elevated risk. Women with a moderately elevated risk of breast cancer who underwent surgery to have both breasts removed reduced their risk of getting the disease by about 95 percent, a recent study concludes.

Fine. Just damn fine. And also, people whose legs are cut off do not run any risks of tripping over. I cannot understand who would even think that anyone would go through major, very invasive surgery, that leaves permanent scars for life in a sensitive and emotionally charged part of the body, for prevention.

Are they going to recommend preventive hysterectomy to teenagers? After all, they are at risk of unwanted pregnancy. And, are they going to recommend preventive castration to men who are at high risk of testicle or prosthatic cancer? Yeah. Right. No, I didn't think so either. But one of the side effects of being born with breasts and ovaries, worse than the risk of cancer, is that medicine just does not take you, your needs or your feelings seriously.

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ChicaXL -

uf, madre mia! creo que sobran las palabras...Esto si que es poner la tirita antes de que te hagas el corte....