On Poetry and Culture Shock

The Jewelry Shop is ready for spring colours.

See that link there? It takes you to my online jewelry shop, which is more a shop window than a shop because I have so many different things that if I showed them all you’d get tired of browsing.

A note on the prices: I have been making a selling jewelry for about nine years. In my hometown, you get the same quality from shops, from authorised street vendors and from unlicensed ones. I like to keep the prices a little bit below the prices of shops; most people that I know that sell more or less as a hobby have always done the same as me. Also, I want to be inexpensive for students out of principle. So, when I came to the US I worked on the same principle. I could easily double my prices and still be cheaper than most shops. Buying the beads yourself might be even more expensive than buying from me (definitely so, if it’s one of my pieces with real semiprecious stones). I don’t care. I can afford to sell at students prices, so I don’t have any reasons not to. But I would hate it if anyone suspected that there something wrong with my jewelry or the materials I use just because I keep things affordable.

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