On Poetry and Culture Shock

Barthes, e. e. cummings, a lover and a redhead

Mis palabras te tocan,
y mis palabras se enredan entre tus dedos.
No sé qué tienes que me hace hablar.
No sé qué haces que me tiene presa.
Es algo rojo y suave,
es algo que cambia cuando lo describo.
(si hablarte es tocarte,
si mis dedos te tocan, te cuentan un cuento)

My words touch you,
I talk,
we’re talking,
and my words get tangled between your fingers.
I don’t know what you have that makes me talk.
I don’t know what you make that has me enthralled.
It’s something red and soft,
it’s something that changes as I describe it.
(if talking to you is touching you,
when my fingers touch you they tell you a story).

Yesterday a poem by cummmings, today one of mine that he inspired. I think this poem is the densest collection of allusions I’ve ever done. Most of them are too subtle to point out, but there they are. That is partly why I like it.

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